North Atlantic Industries (NAI)

COSA (Custom on Standard Archetecture) supports a wide range of platforms and funtions, High Funtional Density with Background Built in Test.

Reduce the number of boards required, reduce power  and offload the processing required by the SBC by selecting from over 70 functions to support your system requirements.

Design-Win Examples

Smart Function Modules

Multi-Function I/O Boards

Single Board Computers


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Part NumberInformationCategoryForm Factor
COSA (Reduce the number of boards in the System) SWaPHigh Functional Density, Built in TestMultifunction I/O
COSA Modules Analog and Digital, Measurement and Simulation, CommunicationMultifunction I/O
64G5Up to 6 FunctionsMultifunction I/OVME
5330A Synchro/Resolver SimulatorSynchro/ResolverInstrument
Data Acquisition SystemFlight Test, Engine Power, Crew ControlsRugged COTS SystemSmall Embedded Computer
NIU3AOver 70 Functions available with Built in TestRugged COTS System
65CS4Synchro/Resolver Measurement and SimulationSynchro/ResolverVXI
8810ASynchro/Resolver Angle Position IndicatorSynchro/ResolverInstrument
68ARM1ARM processor - Up to 3 FunctionsSingle Board Computers (SBC)3U VPX
NIU2A-ES2Rugged Ethernet Switch Rugged SwitchesSystem
67G6Up to 6 Function ModulesMultifunction I/O6U VPX
Fire Control and Targeting SystemMIL-STD-1553, Synchro/Resolver Simulation and MeasurementRugged COTS SystemSmall Embedded Computer
2250APhase Angle VoltmeterSynchro/ResolverInstrument
Integrated vehicle health monitoring systemUp to 9 FunctionsRugged COTS SystemSystem
Nano Remote Data ConcentratorDual-Redundant MIL-STD-1553 BC, RT & MT and 8 ARINC 429/575 channelsRugged COTS SystemSmall Embedded Computer
68ARM2Rugged, Cybersecure & Anti-Tamper Single Board ComputerSingle Board Computers (SBC)3U VPX
5300Synchro/Resolver High Accuracy SimulatorSynchro/ResolverInstrument
68PPC2SBC - T2080 Processor 2 Function Modules Single Board Computers (SBC)3U VPX
68G5 3U VPX I/OMulti-Function I/O - Up to 3 FunctionsMultifunction I/O3U VPX
67C3Up to 6 FunctionsMultifunction I/O6U VPX
75G5Up to 3 FunctionsMultifunction I/O3U cPCI
Time-Triggered EthernetAlso supports AFDXAvionics Data Bus
67PPC2Six I/O Function Module SlotsSingle Board Computers (SBC)6U VPX
75D4-H2I/O & Comm Board w/Gig-E SwitchMultifunction I/O3U cPCI
78C2Up to 6 FunctionsMultifunction I/O6U cPCI
64ARM1Up to 6 FunctionsSingle Board Computers (SBC)VME
76C2Up to 3 FunctionsMultifunction I/OPCI
79C3Up to 3 FunctionsMultifunction I/OPCIe
75ARM13 Function ModulesSingle Board Computers (SBC)3U cPCI
79G5 can be configured with up to three NAI smart I/O and communication function modulesMultifunction I/OPCIe
68G5-S/R Synchro/Resolver Measurement and SimulationSynchro/Resolver3U VPX
75G5-S/RSynchro/Resolver Measurement and SimulationSynchro/Resolver3U cPCI
64CS4Synchro/Resolver Measurement and SimulationSynchro/ResolverVME
73SD4PC/104 Synchro/Resolver MeasurementSynchro/Resolver
75INT22 Function ModulesSingle Board Computers (SBC)3U cPCI
73DS2PC/104 Synchro/Resolver SimulationSynchro/Resolver
VPX56H2-61,400 Watts Conduction Cooled 5 OutputsPower Supplies6U VPX
76CS3Synchro/Resolver Measurement and SimulationSynchro/ResolverPCIe
75PPC12 Function ModulesSingle Board Computers (SBC)3U cPCI
44PA130 VA Synchro Booster AmplifierSynchro/Resolver
NIU1ASmall low power Rugged COTS SystemSystem
NIU2ACOTS SFF System Rugged COTS SystemSystem
SIU31Ethernet interfaceRugged COTS SystemSystem
SIU33Up to 9 FunctionsRugged COTS SystemSystem
SIU35Up to 15 FunctionsRugged COTS SystemSystem
SIU6Up to 12 FunctionsRugged COTS SystemSystem
SIU36Up to 18 Functions Small Form Factor SystemRugged COTS SystemSmall Embedded Computer
75PS4DC/DC Power Supplies3U cPCI
VPX55H-3Power Supply DC/DC 500 WattsPower Supplies3U VPX
VPX55-3HUPower Line ConditionerPower Supplies3U VPX
VPX56-6Power supply AC/DC 700 WattsPower Supplies6U VPX
VPX56H-6 VPX Power SupplyPower Supply AC/DC 1000 WattsPower Supplies6U VPX
VPX57-31Power Supply DC/DC 270 VPower Supplies3U VPX
VPX-68400 Watts, Six Outputs with Holdup TimePower Supplies3U VPX
56GS125 WattPower Supplies
56J150 wattPower Supplies
56K175 WattPower Supplies
56M1AC/DC 150 WattsPower Supplies
64PW3PWM servo amplifiersVME