North Atlantic Industries (NAI)

Synchro/Resolver Instruments and Boards, I/O cards, Military Power Supplies, Processor Boards

COSA (Custom on Standard Archetecture) supports a wide range of platforms and funtions, High Funtional Density with Background Built in Test.

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Part NumberInformationCategoryForm Factor
5300Synchro/Resolver High Accuracy SimulatorInstruments- Synchro/ResolverInstrument
5330A Synchro/Resolver SimulatorInstruments- Synchro/ResolverInstrument
76CS3Synchro/Resolver Measurement and SimulationSynchro/ResolverPCIe
COSA (Custom on Standard Architecture)High Functional Density, Built in TestMultifunction I/O
8810ASynchro/Resolver Angle Position IndicatorInstruments- Synchro/ResolverInstrument
2250APhase Angle VoltmeterInstruments- Synchro/ResolverInstrument
73SD4PC/104 Synchro/Resolver MeasurementSynchro/Resolver
68G5Up to 3 FunctionsMultifunction I/O3U VPX
64CS4Synchro/Resolver Measurement and SimulationSynchro/ResolverVME
73DS2PC/104 Synchro/Resolver SimulationSynchro/Resolver
67C3Up to 6 FunctionsMultifunction I/O6U VPX
75G5Up to 3 FunctionsMultifunction I/O3U cPCI
78C2Up to 6 FunctionsMultifunction I/O6U cPCI
76C2Up to 3 FunctionsMultifunction I/OPCI
79C3Up to 3 FunctionsMultifunction I/OPCIe
64G5Up to 6 FunctionsMultifunction I/OVME
44PA130 VA Synchro Booster AmplifierSynchro/Resolver
64PW3PWM servo amplifiersVME
75ARM13 Function ModulesSingle Board Computers (SBC)3U cPCI
75INT22 Function ModulesSingle Board Computers (SBC)3U cPCI
75PPC12 Function ModulesSingle Board Computers (SBC)3U cPCI
68ARM1Up to 3 FunctionsSingle Board Computers (SBC)3U VPX
64ARM1Up to 6 FunctionsSingle Board Computers (SBC)VME
NIU1ASmall low power Rugged COTS SystemSystem
SIU31Ethernet interfaceRugged COTS SystemSystem
SIU33Up to 9 FunctionsRugged COTS SystemSystem
Integrated vehicle health monitoring systemUp to 9 FunctionsRugged COTS SystemSystem
SIU35Up to 15 FunctionsRugged COTS SystemSystem
SIU6Up to 12 FunctionsRugged COTS SystemSystem
75PS4DC/DC Power Supplies3U cPCI
VPX55 DC/DC 28 V 400 WattsPower Supplies3U VPX
VPX55HDC/DC 500 WattsPower Supplies3U VPX
VPX56-6AC/DC 700 WattsPower Supplies6U VPX
VPX56H-6AC/DC 1000 WattsPower Supplies6U VPX
VPX57DC/DC 270 VPower Supplies3U VPX
56GS125 WattPower Supplies
56J150 wattPower Supplies
56K175 WattPower Supplies