MIL-STD-1553 products are the most Technically Advanced Products and Build with the Best Possible Quality Processes
Products are designed with the latest, portable technologies, rigorously tested, and the products are manufactured to the highest IPC-610
Class 3 standards using processes managed by an ISO9001:2008 compliant quality management system.
We back this up with our 5 year limited warranty – best in the industry.

Part NumberInformationForm Factor
ENET2-1553Ethernet 2 channelsSystem
XMC-1553Up to 10 ChannelsPMC/XMC
PMC-1553Up to 4 ChannelsPMC/XMC
PCI-1553Up to 4 ChannelsPCI
PCIE1L-15531/2 SizePCIe
PCIE4L-15534 LanePCIe
MPCIE-1553Extended TempMini PCIe
MPCIE2-1553A/D Signal CaptureMini PCIe
CPCIC3/6-1553-PXIUp to 4 Channels3U cPCI
PCCD-1553Up to 2 channelsPCCD/PCMCIA