Rugged Server, Workstations, Displays, Storage, and Networking Switches for Shipboard, Airborne, Radar and Ground Communications 

5 Year Warranty

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Part NumberInformationCategoryForm Factor
ForceModular DesignRugged Servers
RACE Designed for Autonomous VehiclesRugged Servers
RE131218 - 36 Vdc Rugged Servers2U
RE04124.5 lbs.Rugged ServersSmall Embedded Computer
RE0814up to 4 SSD drivesRugged Servers1U
RE1012Compact ConstructionRugged Servers
RE1218Mup to 8 SSD'sRugged ServersSmall Embedded Computer
NUCremovable SSDRugged ServersSmall Embedded Computer
RS-1124 Removable SSD's1U
RS114PS18Ultra light weight carbon fiber chassis – 12-14 lbsRugged Servers1U
RS-232SFrack mounted 12.5” depthRugged Servers2U
SE16IP67 WaterproofRugged Servers
RS-252SF5 low profile slotsRugged Servers2U
RS2616PS18up to 24 drivesRugged Servers2U
RS265P10 Removable DrivesRugged Servers2U
RS363S15FM6 PCIe slotsRugged Servers3U
RS378PUp to 16 Removable DrivesRugged Servers3U
RS4104GPGPU readyRugged Servers4U
RS4198L24GPGPU ReadyRugged Servers4U
RCS6450-12MIL-STD-810/461Rugged Switches1U
RCS6450-24MIL-STD-810/461Rugged Switches1U
RCS7150-12/24Rugged Switch based on Ruckus® ICX® 7150 seriesRugged Switches1U
RCS7450-24/48Rugged switch based on Ruckus® ICX® 7450 seriesRugged Switches1U
RD11191U RuggedDisplays1U
RD2217 Dual DisplayDisplays2U