Form Factor: 3U cPCI
Category: Multifunction I/O
Supplier: North Atlantic Industries (NAI)
Application(s): Airborne, Shipboard

The 75G5 can be configured with up to three intelligent function modules. Ideally suited for rugged military, industrial, and commercial applications, this low-power/high-performance board delivers off-the-shelf solutions that accelerate deployment of SWaP-optimized systems.

Versatile Architecture

NAI’s  Custom-On-Standard Architecture™ (COSA™) offers a choice of over 40 intelligent I/O, communication, and Ethernet switch functions, providing the highest packaging density and greatest flexibility of any multi-function I/O board in the industry. Pre-existing, fully-tested functions can be combined quickly and easily in an unlimited number of ways. Each I/O function has dedicated processing, unburdening the system Single Board Computer (SBC) from unnecessary data management overhead.

  • 3U cPCI board with PCI Bus Master capability
  • Supports up to 3 function modules
  • Over 40 Modules to choose from
  • Many Programmable Features
  • Background Built-in-Test monitors each channel
  • Software Support Kit and Drivers available
  • Commercial and Rugged models available
Download: 75G5DS.pdf
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