Rugged COTS System

Embedded Systems Solutions for Harsh Environments
Family of highly adaptive, Rugged COTS Systems are ideally suited for military and aerospace applications that require high-density I/O,
communications, Ethernet switching, and processing for mission-critical tasks. 
Customer-configurable / Versatile Architecture
Modular, highly configurable Custom-On-Standard-Architecture™ (COSA®) enables you to meet your most demanding system requirements– out-of-the-box. 
Industry Leading Intelligent I/O
I/O and communications boards have the highest packaging density and most flexibility of any multifunction I/O board in the industry. 
Specification to Deployment in Less time – with NO NRE

Part NumberInformationForm Factor
ARCX-4000PMC/XMC module expansion slots Small Embedded Computer
NIU1ASmall low power System
NIU2ACOTS SFF System System
SIU31Ethernet interfaceSystem
SIU33Up to 9 FunctionsSystem
SIU35Up to 15 FunctionsSystem
SIU6Up to 12 FunctionsSystem
Integrated vehicle health monitoring systemUp to 9 FunctionsSystem