NAI offers a wide range of Benchtop and VXI card-based motion simulation and measurement instruments specifically designed for defense, industrial, and commercial applications. Noted for their best-of-breed performance, these innovative and highly reliable instruments are used in a broad range of programs by customers world-wide. Typical applications include design; simulation; production test; and calibration of airborne, ground-based, and shipboard systems such as navigation control, signal retransmission, fire control, LVDT/RVDT simulation, and test.

Part NumberInformationCategory
5300Synchro/Resolver High Accuracy SimulatorInstruments- Synchro/Resolver
5330A Synchro/Resolver SimulatorInstruments- Synchro/Resolver
8810ASynchro/Resolver Angle Position IndicatorInstruments- Synchro/Resolver
2250APhase Angle VoltmeterInstruments- Synchro/Resolver