Single Board Computers (SBC)

Air-Cooled and Conduction-cooled models availabe supporting ARM, Intel and PowerPC processors. NAI SBC's also support m=Mutifuntion I/O modules to provide a high funtional denisty with Background Built-in-Test. 

Part NumberInformationForm Factor
XVME6510will add 7 to 10 years of life to your systemVME
VPX6600 6th Generation Skylake Intel® Xeon® processor3U VPX
VPX68606th Generation Skylake Intel® Xeon® processor6U VPX
75ARM13 Function Modules3U cPCI
75INT22 Function Modules3U cPCI
75PPC12 Function Modules3U cPCI
68ARM1Up to 3 Functions3U VPX
64ARM1Up to 6 FunctionsVME
CIOV-2231Intel i73U VPX
MFCC-8556 FreescalePMC/XMC
MFCC-8557Designed to meet the DO-178C/DO-254 certification process of your systemPMC/XMC
RIOV-2473Power PC3U VPX
RIOV-2478QorIQ™ P3/P4 processor 3U VPX
VPP-8112ARM ProcessorPMC/XMC