TPT KK offers a wide range of products for Simulation and Measurement of Synchro and Resolver signals. The instruments  Model 5300 and 5330A (Simulation) and 8810A (Measurement) are the industry standards. Board level products include VPX, VME, cPCI and PCIe. 

Board Level Measurement Products

Board Level Simulation Products

Applications include:

  • Aerospace and Defense  - Systems that require position feedback
  • Synchro/Resolver Test
  • Automotive

Part NumberInformationForm Factor
5330A Synchro/Resolver SimulatorInstrument
8810ASynchro/Resolver Angle Position IndicatorInstrument
2250APhase Angle VoltmeterInstrument
68G5Up to 3 Functions3U VPX
5300Synchro/Resolver High Accuracy SimulatorInstrument
76CS3Synchro/Resolver Measurement and SimulationPCIe
64CS4Synchro/Resolver Measurement and SimulationVME
79C3Up to 3 FunctionsPCIe
73SD4PC/104 Synchro/Resolver Measurement
64G5Up to 6 FunctionsVME
73DS2PC/104 Synchro/Resolver Simulation
44PA130 VA Synchro Booster Amplifier