Rugged Servers


TPT provides Rugged Servers if you need computing designed to work in a variety of extreme environments: extreme shock/vibe, extreme temperature ranges, sand/dust, salt/fog. All RS servers are designed to meet and exceed MIL-STDs 167-1, 461E/F, 810F, and MIL-S-901-D. we can provide a wide range of funtions to support you Airborne, Shipboard or Ground applications. 


Part NumberInformationForm Factor
Force (Fully Optimized Rugged Computer)Modular Design, Skylake Processor
RS1.542S18GHigh Performance Low Acoustic Noise
RIA AVC0161Designed for AI and Autonomous Vehicles, Liquid Cooled
RE131218 - 36 Vdc Carbon Fiber2U
RE1813Embedded Server with Sanitize Function
RE1529Lightweight ideal for Airborne ApplicationsSmall Embedded Computer
RE04124.5 lbs.Small Embedded Computer
RE1012Compact Construction
RE1218Mup to 8 SSD'sSmall Embedded Computer
NUC2 lbs removable SSDSmall Embedded Computer
RS112PS18MCarbon Fiber Lightweight1U
RS112S14Depth 14 inches1U
RS132L24Long life performance in extreme conditions1U
RS114PS18Ultra light weight carbon fiber chassis – 12-14 lbs1U
RS202FMInternal expansion with Mil-Circ I/O2U
RS232S13Four removable 2.5” drive bays, 13 inches2U
RS363S15FOptional liquid cooling kit available3U
RS-232SFrack mounted 12.5” depth2U
SE16IP67 Waterproof
RS-252SF5 low profile slots2U
RS47157 Slots, 15 removable Hard Drives4U
RS2616PS18up to 24 drives2U
RS265P10 Removable Drives2U
RS363S15FM6 PCIe slots3U
RS378PUp to 16 Removable Drives3U
RS4104GPGPU ready4U
RS4198L24GPGPU Ready4U