In environments where performance, ruggedness and reliability are imperative, our 4U rugged servers offer an ideal solution. All Crystal products are designed and being tested to meet or exceed MIL-STDs 810F (humidity),167-1 (vibration), 461E (EMC) and 901D (shock) requirements.

Both the RS47F and RS47FL24 4U servers are built to survive shock and vibration, with a shock/vibe rating of 4.43 GRMS, and can endure extreme temperatures ranging from -15° C up to 55° C, with a +71° C option.

Part NumberInformationCategory
RS4105L22 4 GPGPU'sRugged Servers
ACG2500AC/DC Output, AC/DC Input 2000 WattsRugged UPS
ACG3000AC output, AC/DC input 2400 WattsRugged UPS
RS4104GPGPU readyRugged Servers
RS47157 Slots, 15 removable Hard DrivesRugged Servers
RS4198L24GPGPU ReadyRugged Servers