If you require reliable computing performance, even in the most uncompromising environments, Our servers are an ideal fit. We excel at providing commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom designed computer systems tailored to your specifications.

Designed for shipboard, airborne, and land-based applications, our line of 2U servers are designed and tested to meet or exceed MIL STDs 901D (shock), 167-1 (vibe), 810F (humidity), and 461E (EMC) requirements.

Part NumberInformationCategory
RS2608Modular Options, Skylake ProcessorRugged Servers
RS2608PS18Up to 24 SSD'sRugged Storage
RS2606Removable media canister and redundant AC power suppliesRugged Servers
RE131218 - 36 Vdc Carbon FiberRugged Servers
ACG1252AC/DC Input, AC/DC Output 1000 WattsRugged UPS
ACG1625AC/DC Input, AC/DC Output 1300 WattsRugged UPS
RS202FMInternal expansion with Mil-Circ I/ORugged Servers
RS-232SFrack mounted 12.5” depthRugged Servers
RS232S13Four removable 2.5” drive bays, 13 inchesRugged Servers
RS-252SF5 low profile slotsRugged Servers
RS2616PS18up to 24 drivesRugged Servers
RS265P10 Removable DrivesRugged Servers
RD2217 Dual DisplayDisplays and Keyboards