Rugged UPS

PowergridM competitive advantage is due to its long history of supplying highly reliable products and designs that are unique to our customer’s requirements. PowergridM Product Line is staffed by experienced power supply designers, with over 100 years of combined power supply experience. PowergridM has the complete capability to design metal components and printed circuit boards to accommodate all elements of the system.

Our engineering team designs and develops military alternative energy & custom power solutions. These power solutions include Standalone UPS, Ruggedized Pluggable BackPlane, UPS Battery Expansion, VDC UPS Systems, Ruggedized COTS Power Supply, VAC & VDC – Power Distribution, Spare Battery & Expansion Modules, System Cable Assemblies, Accessories, Modular and Standard configurations including Rackmount, chassis, fully enclosed, Base plate and custom chassis. PowergridM can meet all standards from Industrial Power to Military Power including UL, CE, TUV, MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-1275, MIL-STD-1399, MIL-STD-704 to name a few. All power requirements including AC/DC, DC/DC and DC/AC from current levels of a few amps to thousands of amps (0-20,000 Watts) can be accommodated.

Part NumberInformationForm Factor
Powergrid Rugged UPS Product AdvantagesReduced Maintenance, Plug and Play Stacking System
Half Rack Small Lightweight UPS2U 400w AC Output and 1U 500w 28Vdc Output version1U
Product and Features SummaryStackable UPS Architecture
PG800800 Watts 1U
PG800 Stacking Selection GuideConfiguration Based on Power and Hold-up time
PG15001200 Watts1U
PG1500 Stacking Selection GuideConfiguration Based on Power and Hold-up time
PG30002400 Watts2U
PG3000 Stacking Selection GuideConfiguration Based on Power and Hold-up time
Battery Expansion ModulesUPS Battery Expansion Offers Longer Run Times to Your Powergrid UPS
Resilient or Fully Redundant Power ManagementDesigned for Non-Stop Power Support