Rugged UPS

Acumentrics RUPS offers four principal classes of Rugged Uninterruptible Power Supplies: B2K( 4U)2U1U (Rugged Blade) and COTS Select. The first three are all configurable for different applications and are offered with accessories including battery chargers, battery packs, transport cases, mounting kits, cases and SNMP software. The COTS Select product is a more stripped down standard product currently offered in three size ranges.

Part NumberInformationForm Factor
Operational Transit CasesPortable Servers, Network and UPS
ANG1251AC/DC Output, AC/DC Input 1000 Watts1U
ANB1501AC output, AC Input, 1250 Watts1U
ACG1252AC/DC Input, AC/DC Output 1000 Watts2U
ACG1625AC/DC Input, AC/DC Output 1300 Watts2U
ACG1253AC/DC Input, AC/DC Output 1000 Watts3U
ACB2503AC output, AC/DC input 2000 Watts3U
ACG2500AC/DC Output, AC/DC Input 2000 Watts4U
ACG3000AC output, AC/DC input 2400 Watts4U
Portable Power Pack 100WMission Critical Support
Portable Power Pack 300WMission Critical Support