Form Factor: PMC/XMC
Category: Avionics Data Bus
Supplier: Alta Data Technologies (ADT)
Application(s): Ground and Test Equipment

Key Features

  • 1-10 Independent, Dual Redundant (A/B) MIL-STD-1553 Channels
  • Commercial, Extended Temp/Rugged/Conduction Cooled. P4 or P16 Rear Panel.
  • Full TX Loop-Back Verification for BC and RT. Dual Temp Sensors.
  • One MByte High-Speed Static RAM per Channel
  • Dual Function Models: BC/Mon or mRT(1-32)/Mon
  • Full Function Models: BC/Mon and mRT(1-32)/ Mon
  • Standard VITA XMC. Optional XMC 2.0 Connectors.
  • Advanced BC Framing/SubFraming/Aperiodic
  • Start-up, Loop-Back, User and Periodic BIT
  • 1553B, 1553A, 1760, Link-16, SADL Compatible
  • Digital Signal Generator - Bi-Phase Testing
  • Full Error Injection Capability
  • Full RT Protocol Validation Support
  • Advanced AltaAPI and AltaView Analyzer GUI
  • Contact Factory for Latest VxWorks/RTOS
  • Avionics and RS-485 Discretes
Download: XMC-1553.pdf
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