Form Factor: PMC/XMC
Category: NTDS/ATDS
Supplier: IXI
Application(s): Airborne


·         MIL-STD-188-203-1A, Appendix D2 compliant

·         Transceiver short circuit protection

·         DTS or TDS operation

·         Frame interval of 13.33ms or 22.00ms

·         Full picket addressing and sidetone support

·         Data recirculation (fault) testing

·         KG-40 reset signal  

·         DTS/TDS mode LED

·         Net control LED  

·         User LED

·         Interrupt, PIO & DMA operation

·         Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology

·         PCI 2.2 compliant

·         PCI master and slave operation

·         Internal loop-back test without disconnecting ATDS cables

·         Software-enabled time stamp on input words with 125 ns



Download: ATDS_PMCDS.pdf
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