Form Factor: PMC/XMC
Category: Single Board Computers (SBC)
Supplier: Mercury Systems
Application(s): Airborne

Video I/O and Processor XMC

The VPP-8112 is a CES Video I/O and Processor XMC, providing multiple video input and output channels and powerful image processing capabilities in a small air-cooled or conduction-cooled format. It is specifically designed as a powerful video acquisition, processing and display solution for harsh environmental conditions.

The VPP-8112 is based on the latest generation DaVinci™ media processor, which allows flexible I/O and powerful processing options at very low power. The DaVinci™ System On Chip combines a powerful ARM® core with a floating point DSP, a GPU, and a video / image coprocessor supporting various video compression formats.

The board is capable to operate in both root complex and end-point modes. In the later case, the board is delivered with a device driver for VxWorks® and Linux® hosts, and the complete firmware for the supported features. Optionally, an embedded Linux® toolkit is available for the advanced user, allowing the implementation of proprietary algorithms in the media processor.

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