Form Factor: 3U VPX
Category: Video and Graphics
Supplier: Mercury Systems
Application(s): Airborne


3U OpenVPX™ Frame Grabber

The VCP-2864 is a 3U OpenVPX™ low latency Frame Grabber Board for video applications requiring air-cooled or conduction-cooled equipment. It is specifically designed for the most demanding applications.

Thanks to its two SDI and its Camera Link input interfaces, the VCP-2864 can simultaneously capture up to three HD video streams and forward them onto PCIe. Filters can be applied to the captured streams to crop frames or scale down the stream frame rate. A JPEG 2000 compression(1) engine is available on-board with the ability to compress one HD or two SD streams. Additionally, the VGP-2864 can output two HD video streams on SDI. One of the streams is received via PCIe while the other one is received via HMDI.

The built-in XMC site has been primarily designed to house a VCP-8166DA: a CES video capture/H.264 compression mezzanine card. Together with the VCP-2864, this mezzanine card brings to four the total number of HD streams that can be simultaneously captured from a single 3U VPX slot. Thanks to an H.264 compression engine, the additional stream captured by the VCP-8166DA can be compressed before being forwarded onto PCIe.

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