Lumistar designs and manufactures telemetry products for the flight test and antenna tracking communities. Board level products are manufactured with PCI, PCIe, cPCI bus interfaces as well as continuing support of ISA and VME legacy products. Lumistar products are also available without a PC interface or require an OS to operate. Serial, USB or Ethernet interfaces are used for control. Well documented application software with example code allows users to write their own applications for integration of Lumistar products into their telemetry systems.

Part NumberInformationForm Factor
LS-28-DRSMModular Dual-Channel Receiver/CombinerSystem
LS-25-P Multi-Band FM ReceiverPCI
LS-27 Down ConverterPCI
LS-35IF ReceiverPCI
LS-40 Bit Synchronizer Daughterboard
LS-50 PCM DecommutatorPCI
LS-11 Portable FM TransmitterSystem