Multifunction I/O

Intelligent I/O Boards (VPX, VME, cPCI and PCIe)

NAI is the leader in providing Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Intelligent I/O boards for most sense and response applications. Built upon our unique, Custom-On-Standard Architecture™ (COSA™), you can choose from a comprehensive list of  more than 70 intelligent I/O, communications, simulation and measurement, and Ethernet switch functions for the highest packaging density and greatest design flexibility of any COTS I/O board in the industry. Specifically designed for rugged defense, industrial, and commercial applications, these boards provide significant cost benefits and deliver COTS solutions that accelerate deployment of SWaP-optimized systems in air, land, and sea systems

COSA Selection Guide


Functions Available -

A/D, D/A, Discrete I/O, Digital I/O (TTL) , Digital I/O (Differential),  Relay

Simulation and Measurement
AC Reference, LVDT/RVDT (Measurement and Simulation), Synchro/Resolver (Measurement and Simulation),, Thermocouple, RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector)

CANBus, Time Triggered Ethernet, Ethernet,  ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553 and 1760, 1394 – Firewire,  Serial Communication

1553 and Discrete I/O

Part NumberInformationForm Factor
COSA (Reduce the number of boards in the System) SWaPHigh Functional Density, Built in Test
COSA Modules Analog and Digital, Measurement and Simulation, Communication
64G5Up to 6 FunctionsVME
67G6Up to 6 Function Modules6U VPX
68G5Multi-Function I/O - Up to 3 Functions3U VPX
67C3Up to 6 Functions6U VPX
75G5Up to 3 Functions3U cPCI
75D4-H2I/O & Comm Board w/Gig-E Switch3U cPCI
78C2Up to 6 Functions6U cPCI
76C2Up to 3 FunctionsPCI
79C3Up to 3 FunctionsPCIe
79G5 can be configured with up to three NAI smart I/O and communication function modulesPCIe