Form Factor: PMC/XMC
Category: Single Board Computers (SBC)
Supplier: Mercury Systems
Application(s): Airborne

Freescale® QorIQ® P2 Processor PMC / XMC (conduction cooled)

The MFCC-8556 is a CES Processor PMC / XMC for airborne applications requiring conduction-cooled equipment. It is specifically designed for the most demanding applications, combining very high computing and flight-worthiness capabilities along with harsh environment criteria.

The MFCC-8556 is the sixth generation of CES PMC / XMC PowerPC high-performance multi-function computing cores. It combines a fast dual-core processor with high-speed links and bridges (PCI Express, Gigabit Ethernet), as well as a user-programmable FPGA for application development.

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