Form Factor: System
Category: Telemetry
Supplier: Lumistar
Application(s): Airborne, Ground and Test Equipment

The LS-28-DRSM Modular Dual-Channel Receiver/Combiner offers a small profile low-cost high-performance multi-band multi-mode COTS solution for a modern Telemetry Receiving System applications. The unit functions as an independent data & tracking receiver in one package. The LS-28-DRSM is an advanced technology Dual-Channel Receiver/Combiner employing sophisticated “fifth generation” Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technologies. The LS-28-DRSM supports independent two-channel reception and/or combining of up to six RF bands including E, S, Lower-L, Upper-L, P, C, (as well as customer defined bands from 250 MHz to 6 GHz). Each RF input is converted to a fixed 70 MHz intermediate frequency (IF). These IF signals are then digitized by a two-channel digital receiver. The IF receiver provides optional combining as well as 2-channel independent mode operation. The unit has provision for direct PCM bit-synchonization from external sources as well for Combined or Independent channel data. Digital multi-mode demodulation options include Multi-Symbol PCM/FM, SOQPSK, BPSK, QPSK, OQPSK, SQPSK, AQPSK, AUQPSK, PCM/PM, and Multi-H CPM. Subcarrier(s) demodulation can also be provided. In addition to the digital FM demodulation, traditional analog singlesymbol FM demodulation is included. PCM code converted output data is provided simultaneously to TTL and high speed differential (RS422/485 signal standards). 

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