Form Factor: PCI
Category: Telemetry
Supplier: Lumistar
Application(s): Ground and Test Equipment

The Lumistar LS-27-D3 TwoChannel Quad Band PCI Down Converter product is a 3 rd generation high-density, high performance down converter designed using the same advanced technology as in the industry leading LS-25 PCI Receiver. The down-converter converts one or two independent channels of up to four RF frequency bands down to a 70 MHz IF output. The LS-27-D3 is typically used in conjunction with the Lumistar LS-35 Series Digital IF Receiver/Combiner to provide one or two independent telemetry receivers, or a dual diversity combining receiver, with up to two multi-mode demodulators and bit synchronizers in a two-slot PCI interface. The number of channels and frequency band designations can be specified at the time of order. Please see the data sheet for the LS-35-R Digital IF Receiver/Combiner for more information. 

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