Form Factor: PCI
Category: Telemetry
Supplier: Lumistar
Application(s): Ground and Test Equipment

The Lumistar LS-25-P2 Multi-Band FM Receiver is the next generation tri-band, single-slot, fulllength PCI FM Receiver. The receiver is manufactured with one, two, or three frequency bands. This wideband designs supports PCM data rates up to 20 Mbps and includes an FM demodulated output for PCM data, two 70 MHz IF outputs, AM and linear AGC outputs. The design offers up to twelve 12 IF Bandwidths and twelve Video Filters. AC coupling with a low frequency filter is employed to ensure a high quality data link with long strings of NRZ-L ones or zeroes. Down-converter versions of this design are available (LS-27-D Dual-Band Two Channel, the LS-27-D2 Multi-Band Downconverter or the LS-27-Q Quad-Band Single Channel) and can be used with the LS-32-R or LS-58-M for a single stream multi-mode solution or LS-33-P for a diversity combining solution (see separate data sheets). The 20 MHz Reference I/O allows the local oscillators of two down-converters to be locked together to achieve the high performance required in pre-detection diversity combining. 

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