Ground and Test Equipment

TPT has instruments, board level products and power supplies to support a wide range of applications. TPT KK can also provide repair and calibration on  NAI Synchro/Resolver Simulators and Angle indicators. 

Part NumberInformationCategoryForm Factor
Half Rack Small Lightweight UPS2U 400w AC Output and 1U 500w 28Vdc Output versionRugged UPS1U
VPX6600 6th Generation Skylake Intel® Xeon® processorSingle Board Computers (SBC)3U VPX
5300Synchro/Resolver High Accuracy SimulatorInstruments- Synchro/ResolverInstrument
5330A Synchro/Resolver SimulatorInstruments- Synchro/ResolverInstrument
8810ASynchro/Resolver Angle Position IndicatorInstruments- Synchro/ResolverInstrument
2250APhase Angle VoltmeterInstruments- Synchro/ResolverInstrument
XMC-1553Up to 10 ChannelsMIL-STD-1553PMC/XMC
67C3Up to 6 FunctionsMultifunction I/O6U VPX
RE1218Mup to 8 SSD'sRugged ServersSmall Embedded Computer
PMC-1553Up to 4 ChannelsMIL-STD-1553PMC/XMC
NUC2 lbs removable SSDRugged ServersSmall Embedded Computer
RS-1124 Removable SSD's1U
RS112PS18MCarbon Fiber LightweightRugged Servers1U
PCI-1553Up to 4 ChannelsMIL-STD-1553PCI
64G5Up to 6 FunctionsMultifunction I/OVME
PCIE1L-15531/2 SizeMIL-STD-1553PCIe
RS-232SFrack mounted 12.5” depthRugged Servers2U
SE16IP67 WaterproofRugged Servers
Rock-2ALab Development System Rugged COTS SystemSystem
LynxOS-7.0Deterministic, hard, real-time operating system that provides POSIX-conformant APIsReal-Time Operating System
LS-28-DRSMModular Dual-Channel Receiver/CombinerTelemetrySystem
LS-25-P Multi-Band FM ReceiverTelemetryPCI
LS-27 Down ConverterTelemetryPCI
LS-35IF ReceiverTelemetryPCI
LS-40 Bit Synchronizer DaughterboardTelemetry
LS-50 PCM DecommutatorTelemetryPCI
LS-11 Portable FM TransmitterTelemetrySystem
PCIE4L-15534 LaneMIL-STD-1553PCIe
75ARM13 Function ModulesSingle Board Computers (SBC)3U cPCI
PCI-A429429/575/573/717ARINC 419/429/573/575/717PCI
RS-252SF5 low profile slotsRugged Servers2U
75INT22 Function ModulesSingle Board Computers (SBC)3U cPCI
PCIE1L-A4291/2 HeightARINC 419/429/573/575/717PCIe
75PPC12 Function ModulesSingle Board Computers (SBC)3U cPCI
PCIE4L-A4291/2 HeightARINC 419/429/573/575/717PCIe
PCIE4L-MA41553 and ARINC429MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC 429PCIe
RS363S15FM6 PCIe slotsRugged Servers3U
68ARM1Up to 3 FunctionsSingle Board Computers (SBC)3U VPX
64ARM1Up to 6 FunctionsSingle Board Computers (SBC)VME
RS4104GPGPU readyRugged Servers4U
NIU1ASmall low power Rugged COTS SystemSystem
RS4198L24GPGPU ReadyRugged Servers4U
SIU31Ethernet interfaceRugged COTS SystemSystem
CPCIC3/6-1553-PXIUp to 4 ChannelsMIL-STD-15533U cPCI
SIU33Up to 9 FunctionsRugged COTS SystemSystem
Integrated vehicle health monitoring systemUp to 9 FunctionsRugged COTS SystemSystem
RCS7150-12/24Rugged Switch based on Ruckus® ICX® 7150 seriesRugged Switches1U
SIU35Up to 15 FunctionsRugged COTS SystemSystem
RD11191U RuggedDisplays1U
75PS4DC/DC Power Supplies3U cPCI
RD2217 Dual DisplayDisplays2U
VPX55 DC/DC 28 V 400 WattsPower Supplies3U VPX
AltaViewData Bus Analyzer
VPX55HDC/DC 500 WattsPower Supplies3U VPX
VPX56-6AC/DC 700 WattsPower Supplies6U VPX
VPX56H-6AC/DC 1000 WattsPower Supplies6U VPX
56GS125 WattPower Supplies
56J150 wattPower Supplies
Rugged Tablets for Aerospace and DefenseMIL-STD-461/810, IP67, High Accuracy GPS, Sunlight ReadableRugged Tablets
Rugged Tablet TestingHow rugged mobile devices are tested and why it mattersRugged Tablets