Battery Expansion Modules

Form Factor:
Category: Rugged UPS
Supplier: AJ’s Power Source

PowergridM UPS Battery Expansion Advantage | Military Battery Backup System

The PowergridM BXM is Designed to Operate in the Same Harsh Operational Environments as All of The PowergridM Products. Military Battery Backup System.

The BXM consists of Lithium Iron Phosphate battery packs that are designed in our proprietary Advanced Cold PakTM Battery Design. This unique battery configuration exhibits less than 10 degrees C rise over ambient air temperature on full rapid discharge compared the average of 50 degree C rise of lead acid, Gels, or other Lithium chemistries. This massive reduction in operational heat significantly improves the safety of our battery system and significantly lengthens its overall operational life.

Each Pack is Individually Fused to Ensure Against the Potential of Short Circuits.
It hosts a set of redundant charge management and protection circuits to protect the battery integrity in any potential fault conditions including over-charging, system failures, and short circuits. The BXM has been developed in both a 24 VDC Output and 48 VDC Output version to accommodate the internal bus structures of the PowergridM Product Line.

Battery Expansion offers longer run times to your PowergridM Standalone UPS. 

Upgrade your Military Battery Backup system UPS hold up time today!

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